Verify Enables Anti- Customer Awareness via Unification & Cash Rewards

Below Mentioned 3 USPs Make Us the ULTIMATE Solution

Customer Centric Approach

Verify app is made for Users.

We give power to the user to Scan & Check product authentication of many brands in a single app

Verify also enable cashback on 300+ Top Brands & ensures higher app traction.

Unified Method for ALL

Having a single app for many brands helps users in quick action, easy understanding & higher adoptability.

Customer Awareness & Rewards

Verify educates customers via Multiple Methods to check & scan the products for authenticity.

In this world surrounded by Fake Products, One Unified Method is the final savior.

Verify is a MultiBrand
Customer Centric Anti-Counterfeit Solution

With Verify

With Verify

Other Methods

Other Methods

Methods THAT Don't
Work are !

One India - One Method


The only chance to fight off counterfeits

Verify enables trust buying

Increase your product reach

Power more upselling opportunities

Manage Service & Warranties

Enable personalized marketing

Explore More from Verify

Protect products of your brands from getting duplicated forever. Verify is a customer centric app which unifies product authentication for all industries & brands.

Verify helps unify warranty management for customers. Connect your brand support with verify & offer 10x faster service & gain 5X more upselling opportunities.

Verify helps brands launch rewards & cashback campaigns for all brands in a few clicks. Offer UPI Powered product cashback & get customer remarketing data.

Verify is all about collaborative marketing & customer education. Explore how Verify enables higher traction & brand reach.

Quick & Easy Implementation

1 Custom print solutions

2 Lowest MOQs

3 Quick & Easy Set Up

4 No Change in Production Line

5 Multi Location, Brand & Employee Dashboard

6 Dedicated Team & Support

What makes Verify No. 1 Solution

Verify Rewards v/s Other Loyalty Programs

90% of all purchases happen without any influencer. 95% of all loyalty programs have negligible impact on business revenue.

Verify v/s Other Solutions

Learn how verify is 100X better than any other existing anti-counterfeit solution in the market. Counterfeits still existing is proof that the current methods have failed.

Verify Features

Get a glance of our Powerful Brand Dashboard & its features which enable brand growth & higher revenue.

Verify Marketing

Verify is all about collaborative marketing & customer education. Explore how Verify enables higher traction & brand reach.

Expected Growth with Verify

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Higher Trust
0 %
More Reach
0 %
Higher Customer Connect
0 %
More Repeat Business

Industries we serve


We use Verify to protect our Ghee & Agro Products from Counterfeits. Our Customers love the app & its easy for us to launch promotional cashbacks using Verify. Kudos the team.

Manish Wadhwa Vice President

Cosmetics & herbal products are highly prone to counterfeits. We thank Verify in Protecting our product range from cheaters & safe guards our customers from fakes Offline as well as Online.

Shalini Dubey Founder

Our team loves using Verify Dashboard in creating Protection Codes, Managing Warranties & in connecting with Users. Our customer service experience is outstanding. We have witnessed 28% more repeat sales of our electronics product line.

Rajesh Dhingra Production Head

We were facing trouble with our wholesalers & distributors duplicating our pharma products. With Verify they are scared of doing such activities.

Jaiman Kalra CEO

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