The Ulitmate Solution for

Product Protection, Warranty Management & Product Rewards

As a Brand, you are looking for

Higher Revenue

Repeat Purchases

Lower Marketing Spend

Protection from Dupliactes

But the Growth is Blocked by

Introducing Verify

Your one stop solution for

Protect products of your brands from getting duplicated forever. Verify is a customer centric app which unifies product authentication for all industries & brands.

Verify helps unify warranty management for customers. Connect your brand support with verify & offer 10x faster service & gain 5X more upselling opportunities.

Verify helps brands launch rewards & cashback campaigns for all brands in a few clicks. Offer UPI Powered product cashback & get customer remarketing data.

Verify is all about collaborative marketing & customer education. Explore how Verify enables higher traction & brand reach.

Why Verify is the Best & The Only Solution

Customer Centric Solution

Unified Anti-Counterfeit Method for all Brands

Symbiotic Brand Growth & Customer Reach

PAN India Marketing & Visibility

UPI Powered Unified customer rewards

Lowest Cost & MOQs

Just like a firewall protects your online data.
Verify, Protects your products from getting Duplicated.

Verify enables Symbiotic Growth & Protection
to all brands.


The only chance to fight off counterfeits

Verify enables trust buying

Increase your product reach

Power more upselling opportunities

Manage Service & Warranties

Enable personalized marketing

Brands Scale Faster with Verify

Ground Level Customer Data

Capture ground level customer data with rewarding scans.

Re-Marketing Opportunity

Re-Marketing increases repeat sales by 80% & profits by 25%

Fight off Counterfeits

India's One & Only Customer Centric Anti Counterfeit App

Offer Excellent Service

Enable 5 Star customer service experience.

National Reach

Reach millions of users who use Verify for product authentication.

UPI Powered Rewards

Trusted by 35 crore Indian;s for payments & rewards.

Explore More from Verify

Verify Rewards v/s Other Loyalty Programs

90% of all purchases happen without any influencer. 95% of all loyalty programs have negligible impact on business revenue.

Verify v/s Other Solutions

Learn how verify is 100X better than any other existing anti-counterfeit solution in the market. Counterfeits still existing is proof that the current methods have failed.

Verify Features

Get a glance of our Powerful Brand Dashboard & its features which enable brand growth & higher revenue.

Verify Marketing

Verify is all about collaborative marketing & customer education. Explore how Verify enables higher traction & brand reach.

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