Boost Product Sales with UPI Powered Product RewardsFirst time in India

Customers Love Rewards

65% customer purchase products which offer cashbacks

90% want Only One app to avail rewards

Rewards boost Customer Data capture

Rewards enable 40% more customer purchase interest

88% Millennials & Gen Z consider rewards as a shopping driver

Problems with Current Methods

Multiple Brands- Multiple Apps​

Dealer, Retailers & Employees Abuse It

No Tracking

No Customer Data Availability

Higher Print &Implementation cost

Negligible traction & impact

Verify + UPIRewards is a Win Win !

33 Crore Users in India -Mass Acceptance

Smooth & Frictionless Transactions

No Special Instructions & Middleman

100% Customisable via VerifyDashboard

Measure, Control & Track

Features of Our Reward Dashboard

Real Time Transaction Updates

Get Ground Level Customer data & Tracking

ReMarketing Data Connectors

Multi ERP- Dashboard Connect

Geo-Location Based Mapping

Multi Business Add Ons

100% Customisable Rewards

Multi Employee Log-Ins

Multi Brand Planning

Track Repeat Customers

Enable Authentication & Fight off Duplicates

Allows real time customer connect

The Verify Concept


The only chance to fight off counterfeits

Verify enables trust buying

Increase your product reach

Power more upselling opportunities

Manage Service & Warranties

Enable personalized marketing

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Verify Rewards v/s Other Loyalty Programs

90% of all purchases happen without any influencer. 95% of all loyalty programs have negligible impact on business revenue.

Verify v/s Other Solutions

Learn how verify is 100X better than any other existing anti-counterfeit solution in the market. Counterfeits still existing is proof that the current methods have failed.

Verify Features

Get a glance of our Powerful Brand Dashboard & its features which enable brand growth & higher revenue.

Verify Marketing

Verify is all about collaborative marketing & customer education. Explore how Verify enables higher traction & brand reach.


We use Verify to protect our Ghee & Agro Products from Counterfeits. Our Customers love the app & its easy for us to launch promotional cashbacks using Verify. Kudos the team.

Manish Wadhwa Vice President

Cosmetics & herbal products are highly prone to counterfeits. We thank Verify in Protecting our product range from cheaters & safe guards our customers from fakes Offline as well as Online.

Shalini Dubey Founder

Our team loves using Verify Dashboard in creating Protection Codes, Managing Warranties & in connecting with Users. Our customer service experience is outstanding. We have witnessed 28% more repeat sales of our electronics product line.

Rajesh Dhingra Production Head

We were facing trouble with our wholesalers & distributors duplicating our pharma products. With Verify they are scared of doing such activities.

Jaiman Kalra CEO

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