Anti Counterfeit Solutions for Alcohol Industry

Specialized Anti-counterfeiting solutions ensuring authenticity and trust, safeguarding brands and consumers alike.

Protecting the Integrity of Every Pour

Verify brings a game-changing approach to combatting counterfeit alcohol within the industry. Our cutting-edge verification technology serves as a formidable weapon, empowering producers, distributors, and consumers alike to authenticate every bottle with unwavering certainty. Through our robust platform, stakeholders gain the ability to trace each bottle’s journey meticulously, ensuring its origin, quality, and safety at every step of the supply chain.

Our system acts as a sentinel, guarding against the infiltration of counterfeit products that threaten brand integrity and consumer trust. With Verify, the authenticity of each bottle becomes an unshakable guarantee, instilling confidence and peace of mind among all stakeholders. Join us in revolutionizing the fight against counterfeit alcohol, where every verification is a testament to our commitment to a safer, more secure industry.

Counterfeiters are winning because

No Advanced Anti Counterfeiting Solutions

Lack of Authentication Measures

Supply Chain Complexity

No User Rewards or Daily Use Hooks

Limited Consumer Awareness

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Verify Anti Counterfeit Solutions Helps

End-to-End Traceability

 Verify’s solutions enable alcohol producers to track the entire supply chain, ensuring the authenticity of ingredients, production processes, and distribution channels. This traceability is crucial in preventing counterfeit alcohol from entering the market.

Advanced Authentication

 Utilizing unique serialization codes and digital verification systems, Verify helps alcohol brands authenticate every bottle, safeguarding against counterfeit products that may pose health risks to consumers.

Consumer Confidence

 By empowering consumers to verify the authenticity of alcohol products through Verify’s technology, brands can build trust and loyalty, especially in markets where counterfeit alcohol is a concern.

Supply Chain Integrity

 Verify strengthens the integrity of the alcohol supply chain by identifying vulnerabilities and implementing measures to prevent the infiltration of counterfeit products, protecting both brand reputation and consumer safety.

Compliance and Regulation

Verify ensures compliance with alcohol industry regulations and standards related to product authentication, helping businesses meet legal requirements and avoid penalties associated with counterfeit goods.

Real-Time Monitoring

 With real-time monitoring capabilities, Verify enables swift detection of counterfeit alcohol incidents, allowing stakeholders to take immediate action to remove fake products from circulation and mitigate potential harm.

Continuous Innovation

 Verify’s commitment to continuous innovation ensures that its anti-counterfeiting solutions remain adaptive and resilient, staying ahead of evolving counterfeit tactics and safeguarding the alcohol industry’s integrity.

Protect Your Alcohol Brand with Verify's Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions

These data points underscore the urgency for the alcohol industry to adopt robust anti-counterfeiting measures, such as those offered by Verify, to safeguard against the proliferation of counterfeit products and ensure consumer safety and trust.

As studies reveal the scale of this issue – from economic losses to alarming mortality rates – it becomes evident that immediate and effective action is necessary. In this context, the role of innovative anti-counterfeiting solutions like Verify becomes paramount. By leveraging advanced technologies and data-driven strategies, Verify is poised to reshape the landscape of the alcohol industry, ensuring authenticity, safety, and consumer confidence in every pour.

$4.2 billion

According to the Global Brand Counterfeiting Report 2020, the global alcoholic beverages industry experienced a significant increase in counterfeit products, accounting for approximately $4.2 billion in losses.


The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that counterfeit alcohol contributes to over 30% of alcohol-related deaths globally, highlighting the serious public health consequences associated with counterfeit products.


of consumers are concerned about the authenticity of alcohol products they purchase, indicating a growing awareness and demand for reliable authentication solutions.


of total alcohol consumption in the EU resulting in economic losses and potential health risks for consumers, a study by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)

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