Anti Counterfeit Solutions for Fertilizers & Argo Industry

Specialized Anti-counterfeiting solutions ensuring authenticity and trust, safeguarding brands and consumers alike.

Defending Crop Health with Revolutionizing Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions

Counterfeit fertilizers jeopardize crop health and yield, posing a significant risk to global food security. Our cutting-edge anti-counterfeiting solutions offer a multi-faceted approach to detecting and deterring counterfeit products, safeguarding crop integrity and ensuring the prosperity of farmers and the agro-industry. By leveraging advanced authentication technologies and industry expertise, we empower stakeholders to identify and eliminate counterfeit inputs, promoting sustainable agriculture and resilient food systems worldwide.

Counterfeiters are winning because

No Advanced Anti Counterfeiting Solutions

Lack of Authentication Measures

Supply Chain Complexity

No User Rewards or Daily Use Hooks

Limited Consumer Awareness

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Verify Anti Counterfeit Solutions Helps

Crop Protection

By combating counterfeit products, anti-counterfeiting efforts help safeguard crops from damage and yield losses caused by substandard or adulterated inputs.

Farmer Confidence

Authenticity verification instills confidence in farmers, empowering them to make informed decisions and invest in inputs that contribute to sustainable agriculture.

Quality Assurance

Anti-counterfeiting measures ensure that farmers receive genuine fertilizers and agrochemicals, guaranteeing product efficacy and crop health.

Supply Chain Integrity

Anti-counterfeiting solutions bolster supply chain transparency, mitigating the risk of counterfeit products infiltrating distribution channels and reaching end-users.

Regulatory Compliance

Compliance with anti-counterfeiting regulations enhances regulatory oversight and enforcement, ensuring adherence to quality standards and consumer protection laws.

Market Reputation

A reputation for authenticity and reliability strengthens the market position of legitimate fertilizer and agrochemical manufacturers, fostering trust among farmers and stakeholders.

Global Food Security

Ensuring the availability of authentic and effective agricultural inputs is essential for maintaining global food security, as counterfeit products can compromise crop yields and food production capabilities.

Protect Your Fertilizers & Argo Industry with Verify's Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions

Ensure the integrity of your fertilizers and agro industry with Verify’s comprehensive anti-counterfeiting solutions. Safeguard agricultural productivity, farmer livelihoods, and crop health by preventing the infiltration of counterfeit products into the market. With our advanced authentication technologies and robust supply chain security measures, rest assured that your agricultural inputs are genuine, reliable, and effective. Protect your brand reputation, support sustainable farming practices, and promote global food security with Verify’s anti-counterfeiting solutions tailored for the fertilizers and agro industry.

$1.8 billion

The fertilizers and agrochemicals industry incurred significant losses due to counterfeit products, amounting to approximately $1.8 billion in revenue loss globally, according to a study by the International Federation for the Control of Fertilizers (IFCF).


Counterfeit fertilizers and agrochemicals constitute approximately 17% of the total market share in the industry, posing a significant threat to agricultural productivity and farmer livelihoods, as reported by the Agricultural Inputs Quality Control Authority.

$3.5 billion

Counterfeit agricultural inputs contribute to a 23% increase in crop failure rates, resulting in decreased yields and compromised food security in regions heavily reliant on agriculture, according to a study published in the Journal of Agricultural Economics.


of total alcohol consumption in the EU resulting in economic losses and potential health risks for consumers, a study by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)

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